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  2. My daughter in Calif sent me a great combo of your tank dress and top in black and white ! i want to add to it. It was for my 67th Birthday, and just exactly the kind of clotes I like to wear . Susan , Algarve ,Portugal

  3. mary frances mueller says

    i luv these clothes.
    i went back to buy some more and they had sold out.
    i want a few of the asymmetrial skirts.
    can you tell me how or where to get the order information?
    thank you

  4. Troi says

    LOVE the leggins and T-Shirts, but Wal Mart does not stay stocked and every walmart does not carry the product. I have been to 3, and only found what I wanted at 1. PLEASE HELP! Is there a way, I can order online???? I love working out in the leggins and T’s!

  5. B-dette says

    Is there anywhere else to buy Seed & Co clothing? Can it be ordered on-line from anywhere?

  6. admin says

    Unfortunaely, I don’t think it is sold anymore…

  7. Mandy says

    I agree that there should be some kind of on-line option…I LOVE the leggings and tees as well, and once they’re gone…well, it’s just a sad day in my house! ;P Will there be any way of ordering on-line overstock in the future?

  8. admin says

    I wish I knew… I will update the post if I find out any further info!

  9. Valarie says

    I just found (and bought) a bunch of Seed tank tops and tshirts at a Walmart in Denver. They were on clearance for $4.00. First place I’ve seen them during my trip across AZ, CO and UT.

  10. Traci says

    I LOVE the lounge pants! Best cut ever. I’ll be so sad if these don’t come back. I also have six of the tank dresses in different colors and one of the tank tops, which lays a bit longer than mid-hip, just as I love it. No one else that I’ve found makes tank tops this way. Seed Supply Co. had a top notch designer.

  11. Angie0633 says

    SEED brand has been discontinued in wal-mart stores as of the Fall 2010 season. The brand is not currently produced for any other retailers, nor is it available online. So stock up now if you see anything on clearance!!!

  12. Mary says

    I Love the leggings n they are very useful specially in the winter cause you can wear then under your pants. What can we do so walmart can bring this brand back in stores?

  13. admin says

    hopefully they will re-release it, especially since the Norma Kamali line is ending….

  14. Dee says

    WHERE???? Can I get the seed line??? I see a lot of this same request. Is there a web-site? If not…why not? I LOVE this line and going to Walmart is a nightmare because they never have stock of this! Does any one out there ever answer these questions? If anyone knows…contact me at and leave a message. Thanks fellow Seed lovers 🙂

  15. admin says

    Seed appears to have been discontinued, a few years ago from Walmart…

  16. Trish says

    Back in stock…use her link and it will bring you there.

  17. admin says

    Nice! Thanks so much for the head’s up Trish!

  18. Ann Tunnell says

    I see the “back in stock” note, but don’t know if it’s available online or at Walmart or where?????

  19. admin says

    it looks like definitely available at -in store, I’m not so sure…

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