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November 2, 2012

Regarding This Past Week…

On behalf of Fashion Pulse Daily, I want to extend our empathy for those affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy, and hope that everyone is safe, and that widespread power will be returned to all areas. In the NYC area, dealing with no power (which also means no hot water), extremely limited transportation, shortage of food, and gasoline has been frustrating and quite difficult, and it really puts things in perspective as to what really matters in life — and what we’ve been taking for granted.

My fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery and to always be able to put things in perspective — as well as to extend a big thank you to the city’s NYPD, FDNY, sanitation workers, MTA, volunteers, a myriad of folks — everyone who has been working hard to get things up and running as quickly as possible. I hope that we are closer to a normal, operating capacity by Monday, and in the meanwhile, if you live near or far, you can help by making a small donation, donating clothes and supplies, giving blood, or volunteering at a shelter.

-Julia DiNardo

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