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July 11, 2013

Osmia Organics Handmade Soap is THE Most Beautiful Gift For Your Body

osmia soap

Osmia, which founder Dr. Sarah Villafranco defines to mean a “sense of smell,” involves an incredible craftmanship in the handmade process of soapmaking, and brings forth natural, organic ingredients to create a a moisturizing product that also bears beautiful designs. With organic oils, organic and natural plant butters, organic and wildcrafted herbs, organic milks, and organic or wildcrafted essential oils, you can’t go wrong with gifting a bar to yourself, or others!  Osmia, based in Colorado, also makes natural perfumes, deodorant, hand cream, lip care, skin care, and more, each taking into consideration how to make the least possible environmental impact with thoughtful ingredients, packaging, and testing.

osmia organic soaps

[From left to right: Oh So Soap, Milky Rose, and Lavender Shea Osmia Organics Bars]

Speaking of the latter,  I tested out the Oh So Soap (comprises mostly olive oil and mango butter), Milky Rose (organic buttermilk powder, bitter orange, and palmarosa essential oils, with organic rose petals as decor on the top), and Lavender Shea (made from Bulgarian lavender and organic, extra-virgin olive oil and shea butter) options. Priced at $12, these artisanal beauties arrived with a lovely soap saver tray to keep them in tact, important especially for the summer heat since the glycerin found in natural, handmade soaps can tend to get quite malleable. These bars, great for all skin types, emit delectable, relaxing, and rejuvenating aromas, with no additives for color or fragrance. I think our household is now going to be an Osmia household, putting out a fresh bar when we have over night guests visiting.

Check out the video here to learn more about the organic soap making process at Osmia Organics, which is quite cool to see how they cut the bars and here from the founder regarding what it truly means to be organic, handmade soap.

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