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February 10, 2013

NYFW FALL 2013: Moncler Grenoble

The Show: Moncler Grenoble Fall 2013

The Theme: A pulsing human forest that could not be defined as a presentation or a show, but rather a performance. We were ushered into a ballroom at Gotham Hall where spotlights flashed in every direction, thumping, yet mystical music played, and models stood, military stiff, in rows all around us. There must’ve been 400 of them, and if you looked up at the mirrored ceiling, there might as well have been 400 more.

The Color Palette: Just about every shade of green you can imagine, from olive to hunter, with complimenting beige tones, and bits of black

Best/Collection’s Signature Standout Look: Emerald, the Pantone color of the year, made its way onto puffers, beanies, and the occasional arm warmer, but it was the use of tactile fabrics that made for such eye-catching coats. Down jackets were stitched in diamond and intricate geometric patterns, and fleeces were strapped with black belts. Fur scarves, shoulder details, and hoods bestow the collection with its signature luxuriousness. Oh, and, you might want to invest in a ski mask the size of half your face, because they’re in, for fall.

-Sarah Wasilak

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