1. I love the love quote scarf because it is semi-sheer material and the touch of color is light and bright!!! (And you can quote me on that). Either one of the scarves would go so well with a FREE PEOPLE Grey Heather Riptide Jumpsuit and/or a ROJAS Black Shirt Dress, some mesh earrings, bangles, and BALMAIN sandals (or SAM EDELMAN
    Taupe Glada sandals for the hotter days)!!

  2. Catherine says

    I would pair this scarf with my chocolate colored blazer to give my outfit a pop of color!

  3. Becca says

    I love the color of these scarves! And Catherine, that is a great idea about pairing it with a chocolate color. I really have my eye on the green one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Connie says

    I would wear it with something dark or a fun floral print!

  5. Linzy says

    I love the green.. the color is delicious (my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip tho!) But the light blue is also amazing.

    Hopefully I win so that I *have* to make that choice haha

  6. Jaime says

    I’ve been dying for a Love Quotes scarf, and there’s nothing much better than free! I’ve got my fingers crossed!


  7. Clare Hodge says

    What’s wonderful about the Love Quotes scarf is that it’s practical as well as beautiful. I can’t imagine anything more luxurious than throwing it over my shoulders while watching the sunset from a patio overlooking the bay.

  8. I love the green and blue ones! They look so soft! There are about 8 gillion ways to wear this scarf. Just to name a few:

    1)Head Scarf:

    2)With a dress, like a maxi or simple tshirt dress(like the one they had at the GAP) Now what I would totally do with this is wear it with the opposite color ie: green scarf/blue dress. But that’s me. I love bright colors! Or medium apple green with lighter green scarf.

    3)Belt. Not through belt loops on jeans, but with a long tshirt that’s tunic like and a little too baggy and some skinny jeans.

  9. Amanda says

    I’d wear this scarf with a basic white tee and jeans…the colors are so fun and pretty I’d want them to stand out on their own!

  10. ms_benes says

    I would gladly wear any of the lovely colors offered in this Love Quotes scarf. They’re all so very pretty.

  11. debbie c says

    I love the scarfs. There are no limits to what you can wear them with. Personally, I like to layer them with a couple of tees and jeans and boots.

  12. I love how sheer Love Quotes scarves are. They look great with just about anything you pair them with… They also work great as a shall/wrap for cooler summer nights 🙂 I think this fall I am going to have to wear them with blazers for an extra cozy/chic look at work!

  13. Romaana says

    What would I style with the scarf: SInce Love Quotes scarfs are so effortlessly chic I would pair mine with a simple white tee and a pair of grey skinny jeans and flat. Amazing sunnies (think Tom Ford, Pradas) are a must 🙂

  14. Saifra says

    They are amazing!

  15. Sakshi says

    the love scarf is the perfect accessory because it transitions from day to night. I would style the love quotes scarf in peace with a cute summer dress and some sexy summer sandles.

  16. Rachael says

    Ahhh, I was in love with this scarf when I saw it on Nicky Hilton. The scarf is so lightweight that it could be worn any season, or with anything. I feel like the colors (any of them! haha) could either spice up a neutral outfit or just be an accessory to something with loads of color. I’m so excited about this giveaway! 🙂

  17. Amanda K says

    Beautiful scarf!
    I would wear it with my J Brand Skinny Jeans in Ink and a my White A&F Naomi Tank Top. I could tie it around my neck or use it to accessorize my handbag!

  18. Debbie F says

    I like Love Quotes scarves because they are so versatile. They can add a fashionable touch to just a pair of jeans and a tank top, suddenly making them “out to lunch” or “out for drinks” appropriate. The bright colored scarves add just the right dash of color to an otherwise conservative, neutral outfit; and the neutral colored scarves can tie into neutral colored shoes and bag to tone down a brightly colored outfit.

  19. Valerie H says

    “I would wear my Love Quotes scarf in Mustique with a cute tee by James Perse and my Joe’s cigarette jeans. Add some Gorjana leaf earrings, ballet flats by Repetto…and I’m set!”

  20. Katherine K says

    I like the love quotes scarf because it’s light and airy. It’s the perfect scarf to wear year round – you could knot it around your neck, make it into a triangle for a top-like look or even use it has a head wrap. Pieces you can wear year round are always perfect to have around because they can be used in so many ways.

  21. I have been wanting to win one of these forever! They are so cute, fun and fashionable. I would wear it with everything, and also I like the tie them on to my bags/purses for a extra color when I dont feel like wearing them! I’ll cross my fingers.
    – Erin McClanahan

  22. Michelle says

    Any of these scarves would be a great addition to any wardrobe! I like that they are sheer and can flow easily. They have just enough pop of color to work well with any outfit. I would wear this scarf with a cute pair of boyfriend jeans, a gray loosely fitted pocket tank with a cute pair of gladiator sandals or peep toe flats.

  23. Faith J says

    I love this scarf in these wonderful colors! But I’d probably choose the grey “peace” color, so I could keep it at work and wear it with EVERYTHING. It’s always cold at work, whether it’s the A/C blasting or the heat not high enough in the winter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Kelly Ann T says

    I would wear this with everything from jeans to a skirt and cute top. This would dress up any outfit.

  25. Roseanna C says

    I would love to win a scarf! I love and need soem new accessories for fall!

  26. Pu Ye says

    I ‘d love to win

  27. I would absolutely love this scarf because I could wear it with so many different outfits! My fav would have to be YMi destroyed jeans and a white tank, though.

  28. Susan Yates says

    I love this scarf hope to win it.

  29. love the light airiness of the scarf and the touch of breezy color it adds to an outfit

  30. kathemc says

    I love the Tuscan Garden color — it would have made the perfect summery touch of sass and color in the otherwise grey and black work drag I wore today.

  31. Naomi P says

    I like the idea of scarves that come with heartfelt qoutes that are fashionable yet simple.

  32. Kay. says

    I love these scarves! They go with absolutely everything — so versatile!

  33. Helen says

    This scarf can be worn with a simple tank and jeans or with a cute summer dress. It’s very versatile and adds color to any outfit and is perfect for any occasion!

  34. Danielle says

    These scarves are so versatile and cute! I’d wear one with a plain tee and my skinny jeans.

  35. vanessa says

    I love these scarves because they come in such beautiful colors and they look so soft and feminine. A perfect way to add interest to any outfit!

  36. Ann says

    I would like this because I love wearing scarfs with all my outfits =) And they can match with anything basically!

  37. Laura D says

    I love these scarves because their just the right size and go with just about every outfit and can be used in many versitale ways.

  38. Karen says

    I absolutely love this scarf, especially the beautiful colors! It’s so unique & chic.

  39. Kawaii says

    I like colors they offer-pastel and pretty.

  40. LIsa says

    I would pair the Peace scarf with something really simple…Maybe a white oversized v-neck and some distressed blue jeans…love these scarves so much!

  41. Stephanie says

    I love that they come with an inspirational quote and the colors are so pretty!!

  42. Estelle says

    I’d wear the love quotes scarf on unexpected, chilly Pittsburgh evenings. But love wearing scarves and headbands with casual outfits. Just a simple addition to an outfit helps me look like I haven’t given up on life when I get to class. 😛

  43. Raelena says

    I like the Peace Wrap Scarf

  44. niti says

    I love the scarf! It would look great with a motorcycle black or tan leather jacket, a plain white v-neck, and skinny dark blue jeans. I would also love to wear this scarf with a floral dress or with a blouse, crisp white linen shorts, and a neutral colored cardigan. The colors that the scarf come in are very versatile and fit well into my wardrobe.

  45. jenn says

    I love this scarf because you could pair it with anything and because it’s so simple! 🙂

    I also joined the facebook page 😉

  46. Carol D says

    I love the Loves Quotes scarf ! I would pair it with a simple tee and
    pants. I’d also wear it with a plain black dress I own that make me
    look slim!

  47. Lauren L says

    I would love to wear one of these scarves! I think they would add a nice pop of color to my outfits and they look elegant and casual at the same time!

  48. Grace says

    I love the Love Quotes scarves. They are so simple but chic and they dress up outfits effortlessly while keeping you warm. They are also light enough to wear in the warm weather.

    I would wear one of the scarves with a cream colored tank top I have. It has some cute ruffles near the bottom trimming. On the bottom I would wear my True Religion stella skinny jeans paired with either Steve madden flat heeled suede boots or a pair of gladiator sandals depending on the weather. Some simple bracelets or a ring too 🙂

  49. Justine says

    I love the mustique scarf, it is absolutely gorgeous! I would wear this with a solid tee or tank with a pair of skinny jeans and some killer sandals. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  50. Rachael W says

    I would rock this with jeans, boots and a light weight summer sweater or long sleeve tee!

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