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July 12, 2013

Levi’s to Launch New Line of Shapewear Jeans, Revel


From our friends at thefind.com:

Although I admittedly just splurged on my first pair of Joe’s Jeans, I’m really a bargain denim girl at heart. After all, considering how picky I am when it comes to jeans, once I get my hands on a good pair under $75 that does everything I require (in other words, they don’t make me look fat), I have a hard time justifying the “upgrade” to pricier, “premium” brands that cost double or triple the price. Of course, things always get tricky when my favorite bargain brand gets discontinued, or just can’t keep up with my demand for new styles! Thankfully, Levi’s has answered my prayers with the upcoming launch of their new shapewear-infused line, Revel. Created to take the brand’s Curve ID concept a step further with a figure-enhancing Spanx effect, these new Revel jeans are designed to suit your specific shape, hide trouble spots, while also shaping butt and thighs to help you show off your figure at its best! What do you think, denim lovers? Will you be ditching your designer jeans for some shape-enhancing Levi’s this August? Let us know in the comments!

– Alexandra Gambardella

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