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March 24, 2015

Leonor Greyl’s Curly Hair Remedy for the Spring

leonor greyl bain restructurant a la banane

There’s nothing quite like Leonor Greyl, a brand that combines simple French sophistication with natural botanicals for stellar results. If you have curly hair, you are in luck with this trio of products that arrive on the tail end of this harsh winter that tried to wreak havoc on your tresses.

Let’s start with the Bain Restrucurant à la Banane ($36; pictured above) ,which is an ultra lightweight liquidy shampoo with a lovely banana aroma that use plant extracts, protein, and keratin to smooth and repair. The Spray Algues et Fleurs ($28) helps to reshape and form the curls’ natural beauty while infusing the hair with seaweed, flower extracts and collagen for bounce, strength, and to soften, while the Masque a L’Orchidée ($65) is that deep treatment that you crave once a week for icnredible shine and repair. Smooth it into damp hair and comb through, leaving on for approximately 20 minutes, but adjust according to your hair length, type, and extent of needs. Purchase these, along with other luxurious Leonor Greyl products at fine salons nationwide, at Saks.com, and at LeonorGreyl-USA.com.

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