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September 23, 2010

LadyMags Links of the Week

We’ve got some really really great ones this week, guaranteed to either make you think, or laugh!

Oh great. Apparently, colds might make you fat []

Today I have a tour of the Hanky Panky headquarters and some info about the new collections from the brand [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

Why parents should be open with teens about sexuality [College Candy]

For his or her? You decideĀ  – enter to win this Unisex Skagen Wach! [Fashion Pulse]

What would you rather look at: Jared Leto modeling pics or a Tumblr of Justine Bateman’s outfits from Family Ties? [Crushable]

How to Get Well-Defined Lips in a Snap![Hot Beauty Health]

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