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May 3, 2021

La Parea Wellness Palo Santo Products are a Game Changer

I have to admit that I’ve made a mistake. Several years ago, I had sworn off Palo Santo, declaring the scent, and anything associate with it was not for me. I think that I had sniffed the oil in its concentrated form, and thought it too be too woodsy or musky for me, but in reality, anything in that kind of intensity can be hard to take for an extended period of time. 

La Parea Wellness, a natural plant-based aromatherapy and beauty brand, utlizes the Palo Santo for both pain relief and relaxing formats cut with other oils such as peppermint olive, hemp or tea tree oils for a heightened aromatherapy experience. I’ve been loving the Palo Santo Face & Body Mist Spray ($17, pictured above), which rejevenates my skin and senses when I’m feeling the late afternoon sleepies coming on. 

The Palo Santo Relaxing Body Balm ($20, pictured below) can be used as a tiger balm for aches and pains, but I also have been enjoying the scent and hydrating benefits by rubbing it into my cuticles while working. 

Based on my experience, thanks to La Parea, it just may be time to consider or re-think Palo Santo! 

Full Disclosure: Fashion Pulse Daily received samples for editorial consideration. 

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