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October 1, 2012

Introducing: My New, Free Eyeglasses from!

An amazing deal — I recently got these very pretty glasses,
Derek Cardigan Black Fade eyeglasses at, for a total of $15. Yea, you read that correctly! I also got the a cobalt blue cleaning cloth, eyeglass cleaner, and repair kit in a little pouch- nice! Gradient plastic frames are pretty much my thing ( I think I own five different pairs in this style),  and whenever I see a great silhouette in a gradient coloration, I just have to have it!

I found out about this deal when I saw an offer via Facebook, which I ignore 99% of the time, but it boasted free eyeglasses (including lenses) which certainly had me intrigued; all I paid for was the shipping, tax, and insurance. I HATE wearing glasses, but love the style possibilities to match my look of the day, and with deals like this, there’s no way I can pass up giving it a whirl!

What was the best deal on eyeglasses you ever received?

-Julia DiNardo


  1. These are adorable. I had laser vision correction, so I don’t need to wear glasses. I miss them sometimes, though. I was considering getting a faux pair to wear from time to time, and this is a deal! They will look perfect on me, too. Thanks for the share!

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