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July 14, 2014

How to Stack Your Bracelets

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[When in doubt…keep it simple!]

I know a lot of people have a fear of layering and stacking bracelets, and I can TOTALLY relate! Until I had a substantial collection of bangles, cuffs, and wraparounds, I was at a loss myself as to how to best pair them and wear them. However fear not, and set your trepidation aside, as I will walk you through several tips that will surely leave you more confident in wearing and pairing the bracelets in your jewelry collection.

Mixing Textures and Colors:

These bracelets are from three different brands and feature varied hues and metal tones, yet remain unified on the wrist thanks to their uniformity of diameter. All three bracelets mimic a similar width, and also maintain a consistence in design with no more than two colors featured per bracelet. All three also possess a similar motif of geometry, which further ties the look together to make it work. The two bracelets that have an edge of metal anchor in the woven bracelet, which contains more of a domed shape. Conclusion: You don’t need a ruler to check bracelet width; just eyeball it and include several that are the same, with one being slightly different in the middle.

Several of a Kind:


It may seem crazy at the time of purchase, but when you find a jewelry silhouette that you really love, by several of them! It will make stacking them on your wrist so much easier, and although the bracelets pictured above are the same color, I also have one in black instead of turquoise to further mix it up and wear with other outfits.  I’m always so grateful to have several of-a-kind when I make a quick grab into my bracelet box, so that I can pull out the same kind and wear them together. Conclusion: If you can buy two (or more), do it!

Don’t Neglect Your Watch:


If I’m wearing a cuff, I certainly place it on the other wrist, but dolling up your watch arm is a fast and easy way to instantaneously build up your bracelets. Better yet, go for a fashion shape watch, such as a wraparound or a watch in which you can switch out the bands to match your bracelets. Conclusion: layer up on your watch arm, but remember that the higher you go up, the wider your arm is, so place wider bangles and bracelets on first.


I hope this tips help you to find a bracelet/cuff/bangle combination that becomes your signature look!


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