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December 30, 2014

How to Keep Holiday Stress from Ruining Your Skin

Sisley Paris black rose cream mask

Honestly, I feel like a major blob. I made a ton of cookies, ate a million cookies, indulged in sweet, festive, alcoholic beverages, and the biggest workout I got in the past week was feverishly wrapping presents before I had to leave for the in-laws. Ba-humbug!

It was a great 2014 holiday nonetheless, however I’m so glad to have Laura of LollieShopping’s tips that she procured from skincare expert Shawn Mcloughlin, Skincare Trainer at SISLEY PARIS, on products that will help maintain your skin’s glorious nature because let’s face it: diet, exercise, and lifestyle effect our skin, and through travel into the mix, and oh boy, we’re in trouble!

Click through for five products worth checking out and giving a whirl!


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean by eating too much at the holidays. Bleh. Definitely need to get back on the right diet again. I’m already starting the exercising and calorie counting. Good luck getting back in your routine.

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