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May 31, 2013

How to Get a Natural-Looking Fake Tan


I’m PALE, and by pale, I mean the palest of them all! I take extra precaution with sunscreen year ’round, however when it’s short skirt weather, I really need a little color boost on my incredibly ghastly legs.

Luckily, as the seaseon starts to get REALLY warm (90 degrees the past few days in NYC!), Laura at has devised a great list of four solid tips to perfecting a faux tan to look all dewy, glowing, and that “I just got back from a sweet vacation” gloat.

  1. Remove perfume and moisturizer. Before you apply any sort of tanning product, make sure your skin is as clean as possible.  According to celebrity tanning expert and sienna X Brand Ambassador, James Harknett, perfumes and moisturizers can dilute sunless tanning creams and stop the color from taking properly. So, always shower before beautifying. It’s also worth exfoliating gently to remove dead skin cells, as this will allow the product to tan your skin evenly – without those dreaded dark patches.
  2. Start afresh with a new product. Whether you’re going on holiday, or just want to look your best out on the town, a decent self-tan product could be just what you need, but always remove an old color before trying something different. If you don’t, the existing shade (which might have faded in certain areas) could interfere with the new product and leave you looking patchy, streaky and generally multicolored. Not cool. If you are building up your color with a gradual tanning cream, follow the instructions carefully.

Click through to for the rest of Laura’s fab tips!!

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