January 21, 2009

Hot Bag: As Seen On Gossip Girl


Via CollegeCandy.com:

So, I don’t know about you, but during last week’s GG, my attention moved very quickly from the Little-J-Is-Taking-Down-The-Mean-Girls drama to the clutch with the skull print that she was sporting. And I fell instantly in love.

Let’s be honest: besides the drama, the gorgeous handbags are the most exciting thing on the show.

I know that most of the girls on the show don clothes and accessories way out of my price range, but I just had to know about this bag, whatever it would cost me. And after some intense Googling, I found it!


The oversized and overly fabulous clutch comes in a variety of colors, with or without skulls (because we don’t all have J-Humphrey’s edge).

But this clutch isn’t the only trick up designer Catherine Rapetti’s sleeve; the woman is pretty much an accessories genius. As I delved deeper into her unique and well-crafted line of bags (ugh, my weakness), I pretty much fell in love with almost every tote and clutch this woman has ever created.

And as if her handbags aren’t bad enough, Rapetti’s collection of Love Knot Bracelets are OMG-adorable and I want one in every color.

I realize introducing you to this site may cause trouble for your bank account, but hey, looking like a Gossip Girl doesn’t come cheap. And some things in life – like handbags and shoes – are totally worth it.

(Photo courtesy of catherinerapettishopping.com)

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