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July 17, 2019

Heading Back to School with Target

I always hated when it was ‘back to school shopping’ time, as it signaled the end of my favorite season, summer, but on the other hand, loved getting shiny new folders (aka Trapper Keepers; remember those?!), the smell and uniform look of new pencils and erasers (I know I’m weird), and picking out the coolest paper I could find with which to cover my schoolbooks with for a bit of extra panachè. During the peak of my school days in Pittsburgh during the late 1980s, I loved getting my necessary new year items at Phar-Mor or Hills, but that was only because it would be at least another decade until Target came to the area!

Like many other of the store’s customers, I love that Target is a one-stop shop, which makes things ridiculously easy for parents to pick up clothing, shoes, accessories, and school supplies in one large cart, be it a physical or virtual one at that! In a recent preview of the great things to come for the school season, I took in a bunch of cute, but highly functional items to get the kids through the school year, and that applies to big kids too! Heading (back) to college requires stuff too, such as dorm room supplies like bed sets, chic décor, and seating options.

And did you know that Target hosts a School List Assist program? Brand spanking new for this year, search for lists by school name and get replacement items and extra supplies outside of the kids’ shopping lists. If you’re super busy (I mean really, whose not these days?) take advantage of the Order Pickup, Drive Up, and delivery with Shipt,which means you’ll spend less time in store, and more time with the kiddos.

See below for some of my favorites,with availability ranging from now through early August .

Room Essentials DIY Letter Boards, $12.99

Cat & Jack Graphic Tee, $4.50; Cat & Jack Sherpa Vest, $17.99

Back to school, dorm style: White Sherpa Swivel Chair, $79.99; Oversized Velvet Floor Cushion, $34.99; Opalhouse Oversized Stitch Print Pillow, $29.99; Opalhouse Appliqué Floral Oblong Pillow, $19.99; Room Essentials Fabric Storage Ottoman, $29.99; Room Essentials Pom Pom Garland Baskets, $19.99.





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