GIVEAWAY: Pastry’s Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker! | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. mary clay says

    i would love these shoes for a fun summer look!

  2. Dianne K says

    I would wear these cool shoes at a day at Walt Disney World with my 15 month old granddaughter.

  3. I would wear the Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker when I’m running errands around the city. They look comfortable!

  4. Sharon says

    These are really cute! I’d wear them to Carlsbad next month when we go to the Caverns to explore.
    @SharonSiqueiros following lovepastry on twitter
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  5. Sharon Rooney says

    Following Pastry on Twitter as @jerseygirl137.

    These are just too cute. I would wear them when ever I wear my jeans, to the mall, grocery store or beach and broadwalk.


  6. Hannah B says

    I like LovePastry on FB, and I’d wear these every time I visited my favorite Irish pub!

  7. Michelle Espinoza says

    These are so adorable, I would wear them when I go to Seattle and shop.

  8. Alicia L says

    I would wear these on a hot summer day in AZ and would wear these kicks to some hip hop classes!! Absolutely in love!

  9. Diane Baum says

    These fun and funky shoes are perfect to greet summer

  10. Pia says

    I’ve Liked Pastry on Facebook…I would wear them all over here in NYC this Summer…The Pastry girls are from here so I’d be representing….

  11. faith robeson says

    I would wear them everywhere. They are so cute. I am a non-traditional student and I would be the envy of all the “kids” who think I am just an old hippy.

  12. Emily Hannigan says

    I would love these shoes because I have loved these for weeks! I would wear these around town, or to school to show of my fresh kicks! These would match almost every outfit I wear. Overall, I would wear these shoes everywhere! 🙂 Thank you

  13. Rebeca says

    I’d wear these to the boardwalk for a night of strolling and corndogs! Yum.

  14. Virginia Henson says

    I like and follow Pastry!! I love there shoes so much!! They are so unique and the colors are just eye popping!
    Where would I wear these shoes?? — More like where wouldn’t I?
    This summer I am going to Wildwood, New Jersey, so I would probably wear these snappy shoes everyday on the boardwalkk! (:

  15. Katie says

    I like Pastry on facebook.

    I think these would look adorable paired with a modern jean skirt and white tee. Super simple – letting the shoes take center stage. I’d wear this outfit for a night out for drinks on a patio with friends!

  16. Kaylie says

    I’d wear this at the weekend hang out at the festival with my friends. This will pairs with my tank top, short and some jewelry to form my favorite ” chic” style 😀

    P.S: Followed both on twitter: ckaylie777 and FB : Kaylie Nguyen

  17. Carol says

    So cute!!!!!!
    I’m posting from Los Angeles, take a look on the windows of Rodeo Drive and our pictures in Palmdale!!

  18. Jennifer B says

    Like” Pastry on Facebook Jennifer Bee

    I would wear them out to concerts and my cities festivities for the 4th

  19. Alicia says

    I’d wear the Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker on my lazy weekends while running errands and hanging out with friends!

    I follow Pastry on twitter (am_bianchi)

  20. Kelly D says

    I “Like” Pastry on Facebook(Kelly D Saver) And I would wear these to the amusement parks with my kids.

  21. DEVAN says

    i would wear these to rock my look this summer and for the cody concerts:)!

  22. “like” on facebook. I would wear Pastry’s Sire Classic Canvas Sneakers on stage with my band at gigs!!! I would also wear them recording music, photo shoots, and everywhere else!!!

  23. Ashley says

    I would wear this to a concert at long island to see cody simpson amd big time rush. This would be my pop of color on my outfit.

  24. Bre'shawn A says

    I have followed on twitter ( @Docshawluver ) and liked on FB. I would wear these shoes whenever I go out, as long as I have an outfit to match. 🙂 I LOVE me some Pastrys.

  25. Marirena says

    I would wear them……..EVERYWERE…..I love this pair of shoes!!!You can wear ”Pastry Shoes” with whatever you want!You can wear them with casual,modern and formal clothes !

  26. nazjae says

    I would wear them to all types of special events like family reunions, block parties, etc.

  27. Lauren says

    I Would Wear These To A Dance Event That I Have coming Up 🙂

  28. Madison says

    Next week it is My B-day and I want these Shoes so bad!!!! I would wear these shoes everywhere and Defintly on Vacation.:)

    Thank You
    I <3 Pastrys B/c of Alli Simpson

  29. Miruna says

    I would rock these Pastrys all summer! They’re so cute and edgy they would make any outfit so much classier. Also, they’re great for summer because they’re so colorful. I would love to wear them while riding my skateboard to the pool! That would be sick!

  30. Claire says

    I would wear them everywhere. Parties, Mall, School, At home, on walks, ECT. EVERYWHERE.

  31. Janelle says

    I’d wear it to dance class!

  32. sun chicka says

    Liked on FB @sun chicka

    I’d wear them to the beach!

  33. soniah says

    I liked it on facebook – Soniah Herman
    and twitter – @soniahonline.

    I would wear these with a cute black dress.. or white shorts on of the many summer trips I take to New York City. I can be comfortable and look great.

  34. i would wear these amazing shoes to flordia to go to the beach and to my summer parties and concerts well lets put it like this i would wear them EVERYWHERE hahaha 🙂 they are so beautiful and i dont have a pair of love pastry shoes 🙁 i always wnted a pair though 🙂 🙂 i hope i win good luck to everyone 🙂

  35. […] to win Pastry’s Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker in Emerald! Visit Fashion Pulse Daily for complete details on how to enter to win. Contest ends June 7, […]

  36. *°•ƸӜƷ Louis ƸӜƷ•°* says

    following @LovePastry on twitter @left_the_stars
    I would wear those Sneakers on my next visit to the mall

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  37. Steph says

    These are great! I’d definitely pack these to wear for my honeymoon when we take a roadtrip through Cali!!

  38. Ella P. says

    I “liked” Pastry on Facebook
    FB: Ella C. Parker

    I would defitely wear the Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker on a weekend to a grocery shopping or to my favorite park.

  39. followed Pastry on Twitter: @1finedai

    I love these b/c I am obsessed with pastels for spring. & I would wear the the Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker to a lovely picnic in the park with a cute spring outfit. These sneakers are great for a picnic date b/c you can take a nice bike ride around the park too and do other activities at the park while looking stylish & comfortable.

  40. Like on FB: Rae Pavey
    I would wear these to music festivals at the oceanfront.

  41. Sunnymay says

    The Sire Classic Canvas Sneaker from Pastry would look great for casual doings around town. I can see how springy they are with the padding around the high top and the sweet pink emblem on the flap.

  42. Ike says

    I’d wear it on the festivals and Summer canaval 2012 in the Netherlands because this is the most pretty nr.1 sneakers in the hole world and I’ll love to wear them on my feet, because they feel like dancing shoes!:)
    I like Pastry on fb: Homemadepicturemania Sao nonac
    and I follow: @chucky1012

  43. Sunnymay says

    OH, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter. These are mighty fine for everyday.

  44. Ike says

    I’d wear it on festivals and Summer carnaval 2012 in the Netherlands because this is the most pretty nr. 1 sneakers in the hole world and I’ll love to wear them on my feet, because they feel like dancing shoes!:) I like Pastry on fb: Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac and I follow: @chucky1012

  45. angela adelman says

    I would give them to my 13 year old….and I am sure she would be the talk of her school…she would wear them everyday. They are beautiful and stylish and I love him

  46. DaNii says

    I’d wear the Sire’s at school to show girls sneakers are a fresh sense of style next to heels 😉

  47. Becca says

    I would wear these everywhere short of the opera! Super cute.
    following: @beccathemini

  48. Christy Ann says

    I like them on Facebook, and I’ll wear these everywhere! I can definitely see going to the festivals this summer rocking these!

  49. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I like Pastry on Facebook. I said that my 14-yr. old daughter would go bonkers for these and that she’d wear them to class so she’d be “too cool for school.” (she’d roll her eyes at that one!)

  50. Katie Pelletier says

    I am absolutely loving the color of these shoes! I definitely think these would be awesome to wear to the LMFAO concert I am going to this month and obviously cute to wear anywhere!
    Following Pastry on Twitter @Kantaroukun. Thanks for the giveaway!

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