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  1. Sam says

    I prefer wrapping paper. Gift bags are great if you’re in a hurry, but I think wrapped gifts always look better.

  2. HS says

    I like gift bags.

  3. Amy Orvin says

    I prefer wrapping paper!

  4. Sunnymay says

    I tend to use gift bags because it is quick. Sometimes I use tea towels, bandanas or other cloth like the cloth wraps from LUSH to wrap up small to medium sized gifts. That way it can be reused and is a useful gift.

  5. ewhatley says

    I use gift bags because my wrapping skills are pathetic.

  6. Cynthia Richardson says

    Gift bags

  7. Laura G says

    I like both. It really depends on the gift and recipient. I wrap more formal gifts and use gift bags for the rest.

  8. Cheryl says

    I prefer to package gifts with gift bags.

  9. Heather says

    I love opening wrapped packages, it seems so much more personal

  10. amy pugmire says

    I love a good wrap 🙂

  11. Sharon Rooney says

    I like wrapped packages. There are so many beautiful wrapping papers.

  12. Lauren says

    I like gift bags because they are easy.

  13. Patti says

    I prefer wrapping my gifts. Totally old school here!

  14. Katie Cummings says

    Wrapping paper! Makes for a beautiful gift!

  15. Kenya F says

    Wrapping paper with a nice beautiful big bow! It’s about the presentation for me. Happy Holidays everyone!

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