May 2, 2010

Free Razor Giveaway: Gillette & Fashion Pulse Daily Present the ProGlide Challenge

Gillette has offered Fashion Pulse Daily readers 100 free razors! All you have to do is click on ‘get yours’ below, and follow through the prompts – there’s no  need to sign up for any newsletter or promotional offer (unless you want to, of course!) You will be asked two questions (What brand do you use now, and What do you think about the Fusion ProGlide razor?), then submit your address information, and the razoe will be mailed to you in 8-9 business days.

Of note: this razor has yet to launch yet (early June it will appear in stores), so you will be amongst the first to have it, and it is targeted toward men, so the man in your life may be pysched to get a freebie!
RULES OF ENTRY: U.S. entrants only, ages 18 and older please!


  1. Kimberly says

    Thanks! I just got mine submitted.

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