Fashion Pulse Daily Reviews Lancôme Génifique | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Ms N says

    Great write up but I am concerned with the claims to act on genes. This kinda verges on a ‘drug claim.’

  2. eve humphrey says

    I was given Lancome genefique as a Xmas present, and started using it the day after, after applying it twice evening and morning, I was shocked to discover that I had developed red areas or spots under my eye and along my cheek bones. I took it off immediately, and told my sister that it was making me break out, and that I didn’t think I could use it again. I tried again yesterday, and as soon as I apply it I can see my cheeks sweel up under the skin, am I having an allergic reaction, as this is quite frightening. The instructions are very difficult to read and not very clear as to where to apply it and how much to put on, please could someone tell me how much one should apply to what areas of the face?

  3. admin says

    It didn’t have that reaction on us when it was used at Fashion Pulse Daily, so I would suggest to immediately cease using it and go to a dermatolgist for allergy testing – it doesn’t seem to be performing for you the way that it should – I would bring the list of ingredients with you as well.

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