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  1. Sunnymay says

    I believe that part of making progress is evaluating and adjusting what you’ve done and what you want to accomplish in the future. It’s difficult to make changes but with 21 days, any habit, including blogging can be changed, refreshed and morphed into something that has “legs” that will carry you into the future. Good Luck and the site is sophisticated.

  2. Janice McSherry says

    Hi there from West Virginia… don’t be too tough on yourself. What you are going through is a great example of how life can shift gears with no warning. Sometimes change comes in big, lurching jolts – which, over time, average out to a life rich in new experiences and new horizons. Just expect more than a few bumps along the way. I admire anyone who can make a living through creative endeavor, and I would never institute a “performance” requirement on that person (thinking of some artists and photographers we know.) So, absolutely change how you are doing things, but only if you think it’s time to do so. We are looking forward to see what you create and share with us next!

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