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June 10, 2015

Dressing for a Music Festival…Like an Adult

julia dinardo governor_s ball

[My “concert-going adult look” for the 2015 Governor’s Ball Music Festival]

My Dad was recently on the hunt for a style of denim that he kept referring to as “adult jeans,” jeans that are void of whiskers, faux wear and tear, fading, and/or too tight of a fit. As much as we kids laughed at him and his phrasing, I couldn’t help but relate to what he was saying while getting ready this weekend for the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, held in Randall’s Island Park, NYC.  I was honored to be a guest of one of my most favorite brands on the planet, Dove, who hosted me for a full day of music in their incredible stage-side cabana, indulging in the new Dove go fresh Revitalize products.

governor_s ball accessories

[Accessories selections for the music festival]

Since it was both a casual and professional event, with temperatures mixed from chilly, to very warm, to chilly and windy as the sun went down, I agonized over what to wear. The genre of “festival attire” is all of the rage right now, and I certainly owned a piece or two that would fit into that category, yet I agonized over what to wear. Footwear that was stylish and sensible, clothing that could be layered, all the while possessing a carefree spirit were top priorities.  And yet… I don’t necessarily subscribe to dressing “age appropriate,” but let’s be real – I wouldn’t be wearing anything that would mimic what the 15 year-olds were donning for the music festival. Plus, I do want to dress like an “adult going to a music festival;” my look is interesting, and has evolved, and is just so…me. So here’s what I wore to the Governor’s Ball, that was a mix of business and pleasure, varying temperatures, and overall, a total blast.

ear phones

[The older I get, the more I appreciate (and want!) ear plugs at a rock concert!]

governor_s ball -1

[A deejay set to get the crowd moving]

faux tattoos

[Dove provided a bevy of faux tattoos for adornment in its cabana]

dove go fresh revitalize

[The Dove go fresh Revitalize Body Wash with NutriumMoisture, amid festival-friendly floral headbands]

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