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April 25, 2013

Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

First we wear our hearts on our sleeves…and now our zodiac signs on our feet? Well, why not?! With the latest lineup from shoemaker Charlotte Olympia, dubbed “the Cosmic Collection,” you can wear your, or your spouse’s, or best friend, or child, or mother’s sign via an ornate piece, aptly matched with a lovely suede loafer style, this spring. Subtle enough for the ornamentation to work with your daily look, the concept is one that already has fans of the brand gawking, and buying into the capsule collection of fabulous birthday shoes! You can also get the cosmic clutch, a gorgeous square pandora box, available starting in June 2013!

See the slideshow above for some closeups of the gorgeously designed signs, as well as some AMAZING pieces, available in her store, and online, right now. Some of my favorites include loafers shaped like a darling kitten’s face, fringe wedges, crepe de chine colorful one-inch wedges, and a fantastical bird-in-a-cage heels!

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