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November 4, 2008

Best of the Web (B.O.W) Tuesdays

This week we’ve brought together some of our favorite fashion blogs and publications from the Best of the Web, or B.O.W. group:

Couture in the City – Steal this Style! Naomi Watts Maternity Style: Who says maternity style has to be boring? As a fellow mom, I have to appreciate Naomi’s stellar maternity style.

Fashion Pulse: Concealer for a Song!: We’re smitten with a concealer that moisturizes and blends perfectly– read on to find out what concealer under $7 we’re obsessed with!

Moms Buzz: Make Every Serving Count!: Have you thought that one can of V8 can be a good alternative to the typical orange juice for breakfast, for your children’s lunch box or as an afternoon snack supplement, especially because kids are not vegetable lovers by nature? Read more.

Glam Spirit: Survive and Thrive Through Life’s Challenges: Face your fears and live life to the fullest.

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