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August 23, 2013

Before Summer is Over…

I always possess such incredibly optimistic ambition, at the start of the season, about what I will do and wear, and somehow, before I know it, the season is slipping away! I’ve compiled a few things on my list that I really am going to make an effort to do in the next week, since before you know it, shops will be advertising for the holidays!
grace_ a memoir
Complete Your Summer Reading List…or at Least One Book!

At the start of every summer, I get super excited to load up on books that I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time, but due to various reasons, I never got around to it. Summer is almost, and I still haven’t turned the last page on a single one! I’m going to finish Grace: A Memoir though; every night, I will do a chapter before bed; what’s currently on your nightstand/summer reading list?
freya swimwear
Head for the Beach (or Pool) One Last Time

Chances are, you haven’t gone as many times as you would have hoped this summer, so take advantage of this season’s swimwear style one last time and make a point to make some fun in the sun time for yourself! I’m rocking this gorgeous bikini, courtesy of Freya Swim, with a towel, sunnies, and sunscreen tucked inside the tote.  No beach or pool inside? Head for the roomiest square of grass via a park or front yard that you can find!


maybelline lipstick
Finish Off Your Peaches, Pinks, and Corals

Because you won’t want to wear them come fall and winter! Poppy, light hues go hand in hand with spring and summer, so get ready to use up the tube, and get your darker colors lined up! I am soooo close to completing this shade of coral…
dinardo family reunion
Indulge in One Last BBQ or Picnic

Part of the summer’s fantastic allure is its sweet and savory dishes! If you’ve been good all summer and obtained from ice cream, greasy and fatty foods, give yourself a little treat before the season is gone! The DiNardo family picnic just occurred, and we sure know how to chow down; I’m still dreaming of this plate of food, so I may just need to compensate with a hot dog, fried chicken, or gelato before Labor Day, and then follow it with another activity I’ve put on the back burner — summer bike rides!
white shoes shoedazzle
Wear Your White Garments and Accessories – But Don’t Pack Them Away For Next Year!

Emily Post’s famous book of etiquette was just updated to reflect that wearing white after Labor Day is A-Ok, and I’ve been a staunch supporter of “white after Labor Day” for many years, so I’m glad to report that it is officially that you will NOT be making a fashion faux-paus by extending your whites beyond early September. With that being said…in the heat of the summer, white just feels right! I wore these gorgeous white laser cut heels, courtesy of Shoedazzle,  to my rehearsal dinner, and  tucked them away until now.  I also can’t wait to wear my white jeans and chinos as many times as humanly possible – perhaps even rocking an all-white look for now, and transitioning to the fall with a lightweight cashmere crew neck sweater layered overtop.


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