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July 19, 2016

Achieving a Summer Glow with Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner

nature's gate sunless tanner

After a day at the beach, I’m red, freckly, and that’s about it. I never get “brown” or “bronzed,” and have pretty much altogether given up on any attempt to collect some color on my skin. The only place that I really would like to see some added color is my legs and feet, and would like to keep my product usage as natural as possible. I couldn’t believe it when I came across a Sunless Tanner from Nature’s Gate, the wholistic beauty brand, which features natural tanning ingredients combined with moisturizing ones such as aloe, green tea leaf and hibiscus flower extracts, and olive oil, among others. To be honest, I really wasn’t sure how effective the coverage would be, but upon waking up the next morning after a night time application, I saw immediate results.

The color and longevity of the product was exactly on par with more chemical-laden sunless tanner options that I’ve tried, and I like that it comes in a four ounce bottle and affordable price (about $7.99). This ensures that I more rapidly use it up, and have no qualms with replacing it with a new bottle once completed or if it sits around for months. Plus it has a different scent than anticipated; Nature’s Gate calls it “Fresh Citrus,” but to me, it just comes across as odorless, which works out well since I don’t like the smell of sunless tanners. Pick up this or other Nature’s Gate products (try the Coconut Body Wash, with actual coconut water in it, it’s heavenly!) at, or at reputable health and natural food and beauty retailers nationwide (such as Whole Foods Market).

Full Disclosure: Fashion Pulse Daily has been given samples for editorial consideration.


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