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  1. Janice McSherry says

    So… you visited my home turf! My sister lives in Lake Placid, and before that, in Keene Valley. She worked at the Mountaineer for awhile! But – I was just WAITING to see if you made it to the BIRCH store!!!! My all-time favorite! So much fun stuff!! Looks like you had a fabulous trip! Yaaayyy!

  2. Janice McSherry says

    Julia, The only other places that my sis and I thought of was Chair 6, a fine little restaurant in Lake Placid, and also Cafe Rustica – tucked away in the Price Chopper shopping plaza. We had a great meal there in July. There are always so many places to check out.

  3. JUDI says

    LOL…There are actually over 2300 lakes in the Adirondack Park.

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